Metastorm 9 : Ignores ‘Client Paging’ property

Grids were one of the biggest reasons I upgraded to 9.1 from an application written in  Mainly because the ability to wrap text in grids was removed in v9.0 and so columns with large amounts of text to display became unreadable.  Now although this has been fixed in 9.1, grids are still throwing up issues.   The first is noted in my previous post where you cannot assign a business object field to more than one column of a grid (worked in v9).  Second, the grid page size on many (if not all grids) appeared to reset to 50, regardless of what was previously set.  Lastly, it appears on deployment that 9.1 is completely ignoring the fact that I’ve unchecked the client paging check-box as I don’t want to deal with pages of data in the grid.  The below example shows what is set in the designer and the resulting form after deployment….

It is clear that the client paging property is not checked for this grid.

You can see from the above however that paging is still active on the grid (the pages are shown to the left of the screen grab, but the white space represents the paging bar). Clearing the browser cache doesn’t help in any way.  It really makes me wonder how much in-house quality control testing is done at Metastorm.


One comment

  1. apparently it is still a problem.. I am in 9.1.3 and I just unchecked the client paging option and deployed and it is still showing the paging section in the grid. Is there a Hotfix for this?


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