Metastorm announcing BPM 9.1

This morning at US Eastern Daylight Time, Metastorm are set to make some product launch announcements including Metastorm BPM 9.1.  The other product announcements include Smart Business Workspace 9.0 and Metastorm Business Performance Intelligence Dashboards and the predefined dashboards for Metastorm Business Process Management, Metastorm Integration Manager and Metastorm Knowledge Exchange.  These boosting the product(s) visibility to business users.

For me personally, the Metastorm BPM 9.1 release is the most welcome news.  I work with this product every day and if you’ve read my recent posts, I’ve shared my concerns about its general stability and poor performance.  It sounds like many new features in this release surround the client UI and building of forms with this version (hopefully!) introducing Panels (collapsible groupings of form controls), Field Anchoring (spacing your form content when window maximized), improved field visibility options, dynamically visible actions and I’m sure many others.

Many Metastorm BPM developers are looking for big improvements in this release and are hoping that Metastorm has made the development experience more efficient.  It has taken some getting used to the new way of design and it can be tedious at times, so any new features that boost development efficiency I can see being received with applause by the development community.

Let’s wait and see what comes to pass.


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