.NET Architecture Guide v2.0

I was quite pleased this morning to stumble across a link to a document I’d read a few years ago that I remember being one of the best .NET focused guides on how to architect .NET applications and services. The document was called ‘Application Architecture for .NET – Designing Applications and Services’ and was (and still is) available to download for free in PDF format from the Microsoft website.  I remember the book being a very informative look at .NET architecture patterns for local and distributed applications / services build with .NET 1.0 but when I recently went googling for some up to date material specific to .NET 2.0 +, I learnt that there didn’t appear to be an updated version of the document available for download… until I came across Tom Hollander’s blog post.

Tom mentions that the project to update the original document was put on hold for a while, but in 2009 a v2 of it was released and is now also available for download.  The new(est) version is much bigger and expands on a lot of the original material as well as discussing the advancements in .NET features and how they support recommended architectures.

I strongly advise any developer (whether in the market as a budding architect or not) to read this guide, it’s an amazing resource for understanding .NET centric design architectures and the best part… it’s free.


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