MySQL : Instance Config Tool (Not Responding) on Windows 7

I’m configuring and deploying a custom Alfresco (an Open Source ECM tool)  install for a client at the moment and one of the requirements is not to use the MySQL instance that comes with the Alfresco installer (which is actually very useful as the Alfresco installer configures everything for you).  The requirement instead ask that the MySQL server is installed first with an appropriate UI tool (as the client is not wanting to use the mysqladmin command line tool too much).  The install of MySQL, since they introduced a handy windows installer is very straight forward to install as the configuration and start up of the MySQL windows service is carried out after the MySQL installation is finished.  You do this using the MySQL Instance Configuration Tool, which can be found in the bin directory of the program folder (useful to know if you experience this problem being discussed) but does launch for you after the install completes.

Now the issue here is that many users report that once the instance configuration for your server is completed and you press the execute button to write the configuration, the tool sticks in a (Not Responding) state.  Tiz True.  The solution to this is very straight forward and simply requires you to ensure port 3306 is open for traffic on the windows firewall as this is what causes the hold up.

You can do this manually of course by adding an application exception into the windows firewall yourself, but if you select the ‘Advanced Configuration’ option of the Instance Configuration Tool then you may tell the tool to auto add the exception into the windows firewall for you.  That being done, the tool will write the instance configuration to an .ini file in your MySQL install directory and start the MySQL windows service for you (you can name the service during the configuration).  What you should be seeing is as follows:



  1. Thanks man – this helped me solve the issue. Just a note, I followed your instructions, but it was still stuck in “Not Responding”. In addition to the checkbox for adding the firewall exception which you talked about, I needed to NOT check the “Enable root access from remote machines” option.

  2. It will continue to show you as i have faced i.e not responding unless and until you firstly install 1.mysql-essential-5.0.89-win32 then 2. install any gui tool such as mysql-gui-tools-5.0-r17-win32.However if you install mysql-essential-5.0.89-win32 setup in the way that is mysql-gu i-tools-5.0-r17- is already installed on your pc after that you install mysql-essential-5.0.89-win32 then the service will not get started and you recieve MySQL : Instance Config Tool (Not Responding) .So to be very first install mysql-essential-5.0.89-win32 i.e mysql server.

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