Metastorm BPM on the iPad / iPod

Metastorm BPM is very open in its design in that you can communicate with the process engines Transaction Protocol across the web.  As the transaction protocol is simple a set of structured xml messages and the Transaction Protocol interface is accessible as a web service the ability to build a client is not overly complicated.  The Business Transformation Institute have identified a gap in the iPhone / iPad market and have plugged that gap with a new app release called ‘Nymbul’.  With the iPad growing in popularity and with it being a device that’s far easier to interact with than the iPhone (screen to small to be practical in a business environment), the number of applications we see hit the app store this year is fast on the rise, so expect to see many more clients for the popular pure play BPM servers out there.  It is not the prettiest app in the world, but it appears to do the job.  To check Nymbul, click here.

As you’d expect from a Metastorm client, Nymbul allows you to login to your BPM to do and watch lists and open folders for action.  UI’s that contain embedded Active X Objects or any other Microsoft specific extensions (i.e. like client JScript?!?) may run into issues.


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