.NTOD (.NET type of the day)

Ok, so I’ve looked for a while for sites or RSS feeds that offer a .NET type of the day.  When learning the basic types in the .NET base class library I would of paid to have an RSS feed that offered some daily blurb on a type in the framework allowing a daily dose of understanding which would build up to a good knowledge of the most important types that could be used to solve programming problems.  Practice when coding is of course the most important part of learning a language on a programming framework like .NET, but knowing which types can solve a particular problem you are working on will make you far more efficient as a developer and make your code more efficient too.

I’m about to be all bold and commit to publishing a .NET type of the day.  The Microsoft MSDN reference for .NET types is of course a good reference point for types and I’ve used it hundreds of times during coding to ensure I’m calling the right method and to check method signatures etc, but it’s not great for demonstrating the practical scenarios where you might use a particular type.  I’ll start with the very basics and build on the previous each day.  I will continue to write more complete articles to this blog and to differentiate between the ‘type of the day’ and standard articles, I will prefix type of the day posts with .NTOD.

Here goes nothing…


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