iPhone Tech Books

So those of you who own the mighty iphone (or ipod) will know that you can instantly download apps from the apple app store directly to your device.

My brief point today (for the techies amongst us) is to bring your attention the emergence of several O’Reilly Media tech books that are available through the store for immediate download and reading.  The standard (big green title with some animal or bird sat near) Orielly books as well as Microsoft Press books are available in electronic format for a snip of the printed price and look to be full electronic equivilent of the  paper/hard back books.

These eBooks are a great time filler when you’re on the train or chilling in the bath (just try not to drop your iphone/ipod in the drink).  I tend to read my latest purchases in airport departure lounges or on the cross country rail network.

My recent purchases include Microsoft Press .NET Distributed Apps and Inside Microsoft Windows Sharepoint Services 3.0 eBooks. For those who do love a good book in your hand, well you can still experience the flicking of one page to the next (in a virtual page turn that looks quite like the real thing).  Prices are around £3.49 (in the uk app store) which when considering the printed copy prices range between £30-£45 is a bargain. My £3.49 copy of .NET Distributed Apps eBook looks to be priced on Amazon at £40.00. Yikes.


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