Comparison of the high end BPM/SOA product offerings

After a long week of working excessing hours on a BPM project coming to the end of its development cycle, it was nice to spend a day just catching up on emails, drinking large amounts of coffee and reading a few new BPM/SOA articles.  One such article I found quite interesting and thought I’d share.  AMR Research have issued this report on SOA/BPM products in the higher end market share and offer a great comparison of features and architecture by asking each vendor to demo running a common process.  It’s a great birds eye view of the big vendors and how the BPM/SOA tools they offer integrate with their application servers, ESB’s and registry features of existing products.  My only issue was that it appears to be very non Micrsoft with Biztalk Server being left out of the picture… it has an solid foundation in IIS, MSMQ and .NET and is an SOA server afterall with its EAI/B2B/BPM capabilities? – The report itself is not exactly fresh from the shelves (issued in 2007) but still brings interesting and valid findings to the table.

Anyway, a good report by AMR (which I think may have been leaked as you’d normally have to log into AMR’s web site for report access.

check it out here.


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