Metastorm BPM : Clearing service dependency on SQL Server

I carried out a Metastorm BPM 6.x to 7.6 upgrade today and also migrated the database from Sql Server 2000 on the local VM over to 2005 on a physical box (keeping the Metastorm install on the VM).  After changing the Metastorm DSN to look to the new 2005 server I wanted to remove the local dependency on SQL 2000 in order to quit the engine and free up resources, without having the Metastorm service quit.  Regardless of the Metastorm install looking elsewhere for its data, the Metastorm service still held dependancy on the local MSSQLSERVER install.

Unfortunately there’s no way to release the dependency without stopping the services, but knowing where to go to ditch the dependency is a good thing. Open up regedit and stumble on down to:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\Services\Metastorm Process Engine.  In there will be a  ‘Depend On Service’ multi-string value. Remove the MSSqlServer entry (btw a Control Set is a single windows configuration set that holds information on drivers and services. Each time you boot a clone control set is created… this is how you are able to roll back to ‘Last Known Good Configuration’).

Because the service needs to re-read this reg value, the Metastorm service does need to be restarted. This shouldn’t cause to much havoc to your production environment, but the amount of times I’ve dealt with a non start on a ‘quick’ service reboot, chancing it seems daft… wait until office hours are over.

Reg Edit Dependency


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