VB.NET : An Introduction to Types

When I originally got into .NET development, I started with VB.NET and then when all the concepts and Base Class Library knowledge was good enough, I shifted on over to C#.  For newbies I think VB.NET is the easier to understand choice and is a great way of learning .NET basics.  What’s important to remember is that the language is just the syntax and that any language has to confirm to the Common Type System and is subject to the .NET Common Language Runtime.  With this in mind, its important to get to understanding types and the .NET framework as early as possible.  As I always tend to do when learning something new, I create my own set of notes from a lot of source material in a format I can understand and for types, the below document is my result offering.

Any BPM or EAI project on the windows platform will probably require some kind of .NET based customization, VB.NET can be a populate choice for the not so hardcore developers.

BpmTalk-VB.NET-Type Basics


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