Metastorm BPM 7.x : System Variables

When I first started with Metastorm, the system variables I would always forget with having save up memory space for the hundreds of custom variables I’d create and use. For those of you Metastorm newbies, we have a quick a dirty list of the system variables that you’ll most commonly use.

Variable Group

Variable Name


Action Specific


The Name of the current user/flagged/timed/conditional action.



The notes tab of the current action



Name of the user/group/system stage that the current action starts

User Session Specific


The name of a raised flag being handled by a flagged action



The data contents of a flag



The FolderID (not name!) that raised a particular flag.

Engine Specific


The engine name (in hostname$engine format)



A memo list of current published roles for all procedures



Current Date/Time



A memo list of all current system users

User Specific


An error presented to the user. Is cleared when leaving the action that raises the error.



The name of the current form the user is working on.



Holds the data just entered by the user. Used in ‘When Pressed’ and ‘When Changed’


%User.Input[Grid Column]

Holds the current selected grid row in an array, starting at 0 for the first column.



Name of the current logged in user

Folder Specific


Time of folder creation



Date/Time field used to specify a due by date for the folder



Date/Time at which the folder entered its current stage



Unique metastorm generated numerical value



Name of the current folder (prefix + suffix)



Name of the current map the folder belongs to



Name of the metastorm user that initiated this folder. Empty for a flagged folder creation.



The FolderID of the parent folder



The stage name that the folder is currently residing.



The value shown in the subject field of the user view



The Date/Time of the last commit action for this folder.


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