Metastorm BPM 7.x : What’s in an XEP?

XEP is the file format of the Metastorm procedure, but what exactly goes on inside that little file?

The file itself is essentially xml files in a compressed format. It can be extracted by renaming the file extension to .zip and running ‘extract here’ with winrar (shown below using my MyProcedure.xep file). The extracted files will show a ‘Common’ directory which contains the client and server script files, the names of your xml based forms and an application.xml file.

Extracted XEP

Each of your forms is rendered by the Metastorm BPM engine at run time and at design time is saved within the .xep as a structured file. The content of the file includes form size,  included scripts and field properties (including position on form).

xep file

So what about the workflow itself. This information is stored in the application.xml file. This file contains all of the information the engine needs to know about the procedure itself, that is information such as the maps included in the procedure, the stages within those maps, the forms those actions link to, which role has access to which stage or form,  comments and data source information. The file can grow pretty large in file size when the number of maps increases. What follows is the schema of the application.xml file. You’ll see that scripts are referenced relatively (to the common directory) within the xep file.

Application dor XML


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